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On April, 7th 2016 is the 4th International workshop of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern about infrared heaters. This workshop has the title “Measuring and control technology as well as building automation for infrared heaters”.
Our chief Michael Kern will also hold a lecture at the workshop – “Energy savings by additive control of infrared heaters”.
Because of the reason that we build control systems for building automation since 1994 and that we have a lot of experience in measurement, control and regulation technology an optimal and effective control system is especially important to us.
A heater should heat, that’s clear! But it is necessary to build a bridge between a quick deploy of energy when the room is cold and the energy is needed, and the regulation of the energy when the room no longer needs it.
Only an intelligent control system with automated control makes it possible!
Registration is possible until March, 7th 2016. The workshop is in German language. Here is the link to the flyer, if you are interested:


From now on our SUNNYHEAT manufacturer page is also in French available!


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