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Smart Home

Smart Home

Intelligence for buildings

We design and manufacture our Smart Home controls in series. Intelligent, flexible controls with practical features are the result. Thanks to our internal hardware and software department, adaptations to special requirements are possible at any time and without complications.

Conventional controls

Conventional controls control a specific product. For example, a roller shutter or an awning. They optimise the operation of the product and work in a targeted and precise manner.

CAN bus controls

CAN controls

CAN controls are networked with each other via the CAN bus system. Individual products such as sun sensors and awnings can react to each other. Operating comfort and automation increase.

To the products

Weather under control...


Sun shading control


When the sun is shining, roller shutters or venetian blinds are moved accordingly. This protects your rooms from heating up and creates a pleasant room atmosphere.

control rain


When it rains, your textile sunshade, such as awnings, is automatically retracted. This prevents damage caused by rain.

control wind


In case of wind, your external sun protection, such as external venetian blinds, is automatically raised. This prevents damage due to strong wind.

conrol ice snow


In the event of frost, a warning message is issued or certain products, such as awnings, are not moved in order to avoid damage.

Smart Home at home

Advantages for your home

  • Easy operation
    Operation at the touch of a button instead of a crank or belt
  • Increased efficiency
    Lowering the roller shutters in the evening and many other processes are automated
  • Beautiful room atmosphere
    The sun automation always creates the right atmosphere
  • More safety
    Damage caused by wind and rain is prevented



Smart Home - Appsteuerung Text EN

App control

You have everything under control, even when you're not at home. One touch of a button and your external blind or lighting is controlled via the Internet.

Smart Home - Appsteuerung EN

Control via app

Voice control

Do you want to lower the shutter or turn on the light? No problem. You're just one voice command away from it. Alexa. Set the room temperature to 21 degrees

voice control


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