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The WS-2 wind sensor measures the wind speed. If the wind speed is too high, sunshades can be retracted or deactivated in case of danger. This ensures the longevity of your products.

Wind sensor WS-2

Technical data

  • Dimensions: Ø200 x H190 mm
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC (heating))
  • Current consumption: about 60 mA +/- 10%
  • Heating capacity: 1.44 W
  • Contact type: reed contact, 10 m/s ≙ 40 pulses
  • Wind load: max. 50 m/s
  • Cable: 2 m
  • Mounting type: pole mount up to 50 mm Ø
  • Colour: silver
  • Protection class: IP65

Function description

The WS-2 measures the wind speed and thus protects your sun protection systems from damage. It is designed for outdoor installation with an integrated pole mount.

The WS-2 delivers optimal results at the highest point of the building. When the adjustable wind speed is exceeded, all shades are automatically retracted or deactivated.

A configurable delay time prevents the constant extension and retraction of the sunshades in the event of strong gusts of wind. The WS-2 can be heated and is thus ready for use at any time in all weather conditions - your installations are protected even when you are not at home. Enjoy the comfort of a sophisticated system and protect your sun shading products from storms and wind.


Article Name
131022 Wind sensor WS-2
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