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The control centre 4gang is our simple all-rounder - ideally suited for both commercial and private buildings. There are 4 channels for controlling groups and facades as well as various drives. A variety of functions can be defined for each façade or group.

central unit 4gang

Technical data

  • Current consumption: 100 mA AC
  • Rated voltage: 230 V AC
  • Output: 4 x potentialfree relais contact
  • Switching consumption: 24 V
  • Switching current: 3 A
  • Protection class (surface-mounted): IP40
  • Conformity: CE

Function description

The central unit 4gang provides a CAN interface for the central building control system, building management system and for a control panel. It reports the weather, monitors the temperature and can control your Smart Home products based on the time or the position of the sun. It is also possible to combine functions. For example, that the roller shutter of your bedroom should open at dusk, but not before 06:00. With the 4-gang central unit, sensors can react to each other and, for example, retract your sun shading products in case of ice, rain or wind or close skylights.

All data can be read out via a computer. The central unit 4gang is our most compact and simplest operating device for your home.


Article Name Case Dimensions
203009 Central unit 4gang FM flush-mounted L220 x B175 x H75 mm
203005 Central unit 4gang SM surface-mounted L200 x B150 x H70 mm
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