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Rain and moisture can damage your textile sun protection over time - but not with the RS-2 rain sensor. It reliably reports when it rains and can be combined with the TSA-1 outdoor temperature sensor. This gives you the perfect duo to optimally protect your fabric products from the weather.

rain sensor

Technical data

  • Dimensions: L180 x B80 x H60 mm
  • Supply voltage: L180 x B80 x H60
  • Power consumption: 2.5 W
  • Switching capacity: maximum 230 V AC 3A
  • Connection type: Screw terminals
  • Colour: silver
  • Protection class: IP65

Function description

The RS-2 rain sensor is installed in a surface-mounted plastic housing with a retaining bracket. It reports immediately when rain starts. Especially in summer, sudden downpours are not uncommon. If the textile sunshade is not retracted in time or is only retracted when it is already soaked, musty smells or damage to the fabric can occur.

The combination of rain sensor and outside temperature sensor warns the system of ice and snow. Textile products can then be retracted automatically - even if no one is at home. An integrated heating system ensures reliable use of the rain sensor at all times.


Article Name
131026 Rain sensor RS-2
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